Full list of things that keep me awake at night

(EMP) Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons

Please read the book One Second After including the forward  and the Afterward.

(AI) Artificial Intelligence

As Elon Musk says. "Scarier than Nuclear Weapons". Go to your search  engine and type "Elon Musk on AI" read away.

Killer Robots From Boston

Just go to youtube and look up Boston Dynamics Atlas and Spotmini or Wildcat. I dare you

(UBI) Universal Basic Income

Simply the dumbest idea ever. Like many progressive ideas it ignores human nature.  stripping people of their dignity is never a good idea.

The National Debt


go there, I double dog dare you.

The bizarre attraction Millennials have for Socialism

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More stuff that freaks me out

This is a working list.  Send me what keeps you up at night.

AAA is out to get me

Well actually, they are out to get us all.  

Amazon, Apple and Alphabet (Googles Parent Company) All have deep ties with The NSA and the CIA. These companies all are in the business of massive DATA collection. They collectively know where you are all the time. They see or hear every conversation you have whether you are on a phone or not. They know everything you do, everything your read, every dollar you spend and on what you spend it on. Each of these companies individually has more money than most Nations. LIQUID. So to summarize. These Three corporations have Unlimited money, unlimited information on EVERYONE and ties to covert government agencies. Citizens I see no potential problems here. Please go back to posting pictures of your lunch. Or Memes mocking Elizabeth Warren.